What attention should be paid before buying a house?


1.do not use the provident fund before lending. If the borrower withdraws the fund reserve balance before the loan to pay for the housing fund, then your provident fund account balance is zero, so your fund loan limit is zero, which means you can not apply for a provident fund loan.

2.within one year of the loan do not repay in advance. In accordance with the provisions of provident fund loans, part of the advance repayment should be made one year after the repayment of the loan, and you return the amount should be more than 6 months repayment.

3.repayment difficulties Do not forget to find the bank around. When you have a diminished ability to repay your loan and repay your loan, do not be on your own. ICBC’s clients may apply to ICBC for extension of the loan term. After the bank’s investigation is true and there is no default payment of principal and interest, ICBC will accept your application for extension of the loan term.

4.after the loan rental housing do not forget to inform the obligation. When you rent a home that has been mortgaged during the loan, you must inform the lessee in writing of the facts of the mortgaged property.

5.do not forget to withdraw the mortgage after the loan is paid off. After you have paid off all the loan principal and interest, you can withdraw the mortgage from the real estate trading center in the district where the real estate is located before the mortgage loan settlement certificate of the supporting bank and other real right of the collateral.

6.do not lose the loan contract and borrowing. Apply for a loan, the bank signed with you the loan contracts and borrowings are important legal documents. Due to the long loan period, as a borrower, you should take good care of your contract and loan.


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