Why mortgage loan appear recent years?


First, from ancient to modern times people have the tradition of building land, people think it is a necessity in our life, our real life people’s concept of life has not changed, many people are undoubtedly disappointed, always looking forward to the decline in house prices. Faced with this situation, bank loans and mortgage loans, for those who want to buy a house but can not afford the house brought benefits.

Second, the house is a real asset, to buy a house is an investment, in order to catch up with the inflation rate, the hands of the renminbi. So a large number of people flocked to the real estate investment, buy more people appeared in short supply, so developers raise the price. There is another way is that many people think that the house will not be left there, the money on the bank in the event of a financial crisis that put the bank’s money will devalue, so they will buy some things hedging. Many people do not have enough money to buy immobile assets, so commercial banks put forward the mortgage payment method to stimulate economic development. So there appeared a bank mortgage driven housing prices rise or down phenomenon.

Third, ahead of housing needs. This refers to a need that is created beyond the purchaser’s own existing purchasing power. In microeconomics, the demand of a commodity refers to the quantity of goods that the consumer is willing and able to buy at various possible price levels over a period of time. According to the definition of housing demand analysis of real estate, housing demand refers to the current level of housing prices, buyers have both the desire to buy and have the purchasing power to buy a house effective demand. If the purchaser of the property only the desire to purchase without the ability to purchase, it can not be counted as effective demand, but a kind of advanced demand. However, in the present life, such effective demand can not be completely satisfied, because most homebuyers need to be satisfied by bank loans without actual purchasing power. In 2005, the housing consumption of urban residents in China accounted for 24.07% of the disposable income of urban residents, which exceeded the affordability of some people and resulted in a large number of so-called “house slaves”. Taking Shanghai as an example this year, according to the monetary operation of Shanghai Municipality in July released by the People’s Bank of China on the 9th, the data show that the personal mortgage loans of Shanghai-China-funded commercial banks increased significantly by 5.87 billion yuan, an increase of 1.32 billion yuan more than the previous month, All second quarter increases. At the end of the month, the loan balance of policy-oriented individual housing provident fund exceeded 50 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 50.01 billion yuan. In the same month, the new loan for housing provident fund was 3.92 billion yuan, more than five times the monthly average increase in the first half of the year and the highest monthly increment in three years. In addition, of the rapidly increasing foreign-funded bank loans, 2.39 billion yuan has also been invested in the real estate industry. Visible, Shanghai real estate industry overall demand, but most of this overall demand is achieved through bank loans, not valid demand. Judging from the financial affordability of homebuyers, this kind of housing demand has far exceeded the economic affordability of this group of people. We can easily see that housing demand is inelastic because rising housing prices do not make housing demand Decline but to make its demand increasingly strong, resulting in real estate developers continue to increase sales revenue, and lucrative, making the real estate market supply and demand tension, in short supply. Of course, this type of demand also includes part of the normal housing demand, passive housing demand and speculative housing demand.


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