How to face the impact of bank mortgage on house prices?


1.The government should attach great importance to and review a comprehensive mortgage loan system of the existing banking system and break the myth of “housing mortgage loans as quality assets” in the current banking system and strengthen the management of bank funds. strengthen real estate credit management. Control the bank’s credit ratio to real estate, conduct rigorous examination and approval of development loans, crack down on illegal sales activities such as hoarding and spreading false information of a few unscrupulous developers; on the other hand, strengthen the examination of individual housing mortgage loans and discussions on multiple home purchases Implementation of the mortgage loan deduction system.

3.strengthen the monitoring of foreign investment. The State Administration of Foreign Exchanges should pay special attention to the flows and flows of foreign funds to provide a basis for scientifically evaluating real estate risks; speed up the formulation of rules and regulations on foreign investment in real estate and include foreign investment in the real estate sector. Strengthen the monitoring of foreign hot money into the real estate market, and to develop detailed rules for foreign investment in real estate.

4.In our country, with less people and less houses, the rising house price is a long-term trend, moderately increasing the supply of housing and encouraging normal demand; restricting the purchase of houses by groups and curbing the demand ahead of time; controlling the demolition area of urban houses and alleviating the passive housing Demand; using a variety of means to combat speculative demand, thereby weakening the demand for bank mortgages, prefabricated house prices rise.


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