Some Questions About Mortgage


Question 1: I am a Chinese and my income is also in the country. Can I apply for a UK mortgage loan?
ANSWER: Yes, but there are not many banks with acceptable overseas revenue loans now. If there are more than one hundred local banks that can choose from their local incomes, they can also choose products based on their own needs for loan portfolios from different banks. For those Chinese with incomes in the country, Bank of England and the Smaller Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank currently dominate the market. However, the policies of these banks are constantly changing because of the Brexit, UOB announced the termination of its lending services in June 2016 only gradually opened in the first half of 2017, which will be described later in detail.
Question 2: I have a lot of real estate assets in the country, but the income is not high, can I apply for a loan?
Answer: Yes, there are many sources of revenue in the United Kingdom, such as income, rent received from real estate, and additional income, but the valuation of the property itself does not fall into the main consideration. In 2007, the United Kingdom made a number of related policies due to the economic crisis , In order to reduce the bad debt ratio, the default rate, the policy more emphasis on cash flow, rather than the inherent assets, but the cash flow generated by the inherent assets, can be considered as a range.
Question 3: How high can I apply for a loan, how much interest rate can be?
ANSWER: Different banks have different loan products, mainly for personal qualifications and needs. For example, HSBC has a fixed interest rate of 1.98% in the first two years and a late interest rate of 3.5%. Although the interest rates in the first two years are relatively low, its general application follows the assessment Therefore, not only the ratio is lower, but most of them require to go to the United Kingdom to sign visas and deposit requirements. These objective requirements have greatly increased the loan cost. Therefore, according to different qualifications, or choose the most suitable for their best cost-effective loan products.
Question 4: My income is high, but some do not tax, you can loan it?
Answer: Yes, most domestic business owners or self-employed people have a good cash flow, but they do not have the corresponding tax bills. This requires professional handling of property, as well as bank statements and bank statements that can be done well Value for money loans.
Question 5: I have a house in the UK, want to do a re-mortgage (Re-mortgage), can it?
Answer: Yes, there is a 20% difference between the real estate transactions in the UK and other taxes and fees. Therefore, unlike most domestic investors, most investors will choose to lend to the value-added part of the loan. However, the specific assessment of the amount of different banks, the core of BTL’s investment in real estate, its rent, real estate assessment, location, will be the main reference. In principle, similar to the first loan, it is completely operational.
And domestic different, more than 80% of home buyers in the UK will choose a professional loan adviser to apply,
Avoid being unfamiliar with the denial and unable to close the room, and even the risk of loss of previous payment.


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